Best Ways To Use Quilting Fabrics

What Is The Significance Of Quilting Fabrics?

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What do you mean by a Quilt? No idea? Let me explain in a clear-cut path. The quilt is a garment material specially crafted for pillows, bed covers, and blankets. It is spiffy and smooth tactile, and you can sense it’s amazing quality fabrics. The quilt is an awesome material with its finest fabrics especially cotton plays a vital role here.

What Are The Techniques That Can Be Adopted For Quilting?

Patchwork And Piecing:

This techniques involved in quilt making process includes sewing and hand stitching. It often forms a geometric block.

Appliqué: It is a sewing technique where an upper layer of fabric is sewn with ground layer fabrics by following various appliqué methods. In needle turn appliqué, Broderie Perse is some advanced techniques applied during appliqué.

Reverse Appliqué: Here, the reverse technique is applied where the ground fabric is cut and sewn tuck over lower fabric and edges are tucked. Moreover, this technique is harnessed with appliqué technique to achieve the desired visual effects.

Quilting: It involves holding of three layers and typically running a stitch, can be achieved by hand stitch or by sewing machine. Long arm quilting machines are in trend now.

Trap up to: This technique involves the elevation and projection of the quilted fabric material by adding new portion.

Embellishment: It explores the visual effect additionally by using decorative elements.

English paper piecing: Basting technique is used here for accurate fabric results via hand sewing.

Foundation Piecing: This sewing technique achieves maximum stability and minimizes the distortion via the paper cut method.

These above techniques could make the effective quality fabrics. Moreover, Hand quilting is also popular among the Quilters.

Why Cotton Fabric Opts More For Quilting?

Apart from color, texture, and pattern, selecting the right fabrics is essential. Moreover, quilting cotton is an apparel fabric suits during summer. It is the best suite with loose-fitting garments. Though it is cotton fabric, you can wash as many times you wish, but it needs ironing to get rid of shrinkage. Also, it is ample ease to sew with quality cotton fabrics that makes you more handsome.

What Are The Other Fabrics Used In Quilting?

Before Quilting, you should be aware of choosing the fabric without overwhelming. Apart from cotton fabrics, there are other various fabrics available for Quilt. Solid fabrics, Mini print fabrics, Calico Fabrics, Stripes Fabrics, Dot Fabrics, Airy Fabrics, Large Scale Fabrics, Geometric Fabrics, Directional Fabrics, Tome on Tone Fabrics.

But, Cotton Fabrics and Weight Cotton are in Current trend for Quilting.

Some Precautions to be followed for Quilting Fabrics:

Follow the safety measures to thwart unnecessary damage to fabrics

  •    Prewash is necessary to avoid shrinkage of fabrics
  •    Pre-cut is needed to make it as a bundle
  •    Be aware of choosing the fabric as your right choice
  •    Ironing is essential after sewing the fabric to look good


However, this three-layered Quilting fabric is a great boon to the society especially during summer and also makes the people look better and feel better by its superior quality.

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