Best Colourful Sarees To Wear During Summer Breeze

cotton sarees, georgette sarees

Summer is the best time to relish all tasty fruits, various vegetables, vibrant dresses and amazing festivals. Have you heard of mango festival in Delhi during Summers? If not, you must try it.

Do not miss the bebolicious dresses or say saree, either! They are available in most beautiful colour palettes, hues, designs, styles and patterns. Where most people strictly follow the pastel and coral colours’ rules, you need to know first about the most selective colours that have been selected by the fashionistas or Bollywood style with full confidence because these colours will never fail you.

Check out these brilliantly picked colourful sarees that are great to wear during summer breeze:

Sea Green Fun

Green is the colour of peace, fun and prosperity and this is what you can gain by embracing a 6-yard drape in this hue. Wear georgette sarees in sea green colour and make everyone envious in a snap. You can wear pearl jewellery or silver jewellery to ooze up the beauty of the hue.

This colour comes in the light shade and thus, it will also help to cool up your body temperature while the georgette saree will help your skin to perspire.

Layers & Shades Of Onion 

Layers of onions reveal several colours and hues and his is what makes me think about this stylish colour again and again. Choose any one of them and become the heroine of the town. These colours vary from light tone to the deeper tone. You can choose from them according to your mood and occasion or situation.

This time, choose cotton sarees in onion colour shades and let your peers think – ‘what to call these colours?’ Pick out these sarees and be an exemplary poet from Bengal.

Mustard Is All

Mustard is the deepest yellow colour that every fashion-forward love to have it in their wardrobe. This time, have it on the top floor of your cupboard and make sure you have it twice in a month or thrice. Show the heat by choosing right accessories and jewellery such as pearl bracelet or diamond necklace. (Don’t worry; you can wear the platinum imitation as well!)

Innocence Of Ivory Pink

This is one of the designers’ favourite as the colour is highly demanded among the fair sex as well. The innocent vibes and soothing hues are the most attractive factors that have made them everyone’s favourite.

Wear light pink coloured georgette sarees with nude makeup and beautiful pearl necklace. Do not forget to carry a hobo bag to carry all your essentials to beat the summer waves. Well, the colour will be always there to protect from the sun and be the mystique princess of the town.

Lilac For Zest

Be the mystic lady of the town by embracing lilac colour from the wardrobe. This colour is the epitome to showcase feminine touch and power of women. Choose this one on a very sunny yet breezy day and become very much sure, the day is yours.

 You can also steal the famous chikankari work in this coloured saree and become the high-class talk among the ladies.


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