SEVENFRIDAY Watch Care: Tips for Maintaining Your Timepiece in Pristine Condition

Seven Friday Watches

The Do’s and Don’ts of Caring For Your Sevenfriday Watch

A luxury watch often brings you the best of both worlds, a paragon of utility and style. A Sevenfriday watch is an article of luxury, a wearable blend of technology and artistry. To maintain its functionality and aesthetic value, it’s important to take certain precautions. 

Do: Regularly clean your watch. Microfibre towels are the best for cleaning the outer surface of your watch to remove traces of dust, dirt, moisture, and sweat. 

Don’t: Place your watch directly under sunlight or expose it to harsh weather conditions. 

Do: Get it serviced regularly. While you may take great care of your watch, the best care is most often delivered by experts. The inner workings of your watch are just as important as the external appearance. Checking in with an expert can ensure that your watch is in optimal condition. 

Don’t: Expose your Sevenfriday watch to water. While your watch is water resistant up to 30mm, it’s not built to withstand showers, rains, and swimming pools. 

Do: Store your Sevenfriday watch in a watch case, away from direct sunlight and harsh conditions. Storing your watch in custom-made cases or watch rolls is a great way to take care of your watch. This prevents scratches due to improper storage and other issues. 

If you’re someone who prefers watches that are easy to maintain, this list of Sevenfriday watches should be your holy grail: 

Sevenfriday Unisex T Series Square Black Watches SKU T2/06

This Sevenfriday watch is genderfluid in design. With black leather straps and a mineral glass square dial, it comes with unique maintenance requirements. The leather straps are prone to attracting moisture and sweat, so the surface and the underside need to be cleaned with a soft microfibre towel regularly to avoid wear and tear. The mineral glass is tough, but do not expose it to materials that will unnecessarily cause scratches to the surface. A gentle wipe from time to time should clear any dust and dirt from the dial. To keep the watch in good condition keep it away from water exposure. 

SevenFriday Unisex T series Square Blue Watches SKU T2/04

This T-strap watch from Sevenfriday is a classic design from the luxury brand’s roster. With brown leather straps and a blue automatic dial, the watch is a versatile timepiece worthy of being a collector’s item. The straps are interchangeable with metallic rose gold. The best way to take care of this luxury watch is to regularly wipe it with a dry cloth. 

Take care to store the watch away from harsh weather conditions. When you’re not using the secondary strap, make sure it’s in the right storage condition. Buying a watch roll or case is a good investment to keep this watch in top shape. 

SevenFriday Unisex T series Square Blue Watches SKU T3/03

This Sevenfriday watch for men is designed to withstand a lot. Built for an alternate lifestyle, the watch features an analog dial with blue leather straps, with a secondary rose gold dial and brown strap. To maintain the aesthetic of your Sevenfriday watch, get it serviced by a professional cleaner now and again. 

Care modules for the watch include cleaning with a dry cloth to remove excess moisture and sweat. Keeping the mineral glass safe from scratches and extreme weather conditions. It’s also important that you buy good quality casing to store your luxury watch. 

SevenFriday Unisex P Series Square Black Watches SKU P2B/02

This Sevenfriday watch for men features an analog dial and black leather straps. Don’t be fooled by its appearance, it’s got smartwatch capabilities built-in. With features like activity tracking and GPS monitoring, the watch is a good investment in style and functionality. Keep this one in the best condition by following the care instructions. Regular cleaning with a microfibre towel should rid it of dust, dirt, and moisture. Service it often to keep it running in top shape. Avoid exposure to chemicals and water, as that will erode the stainless steel casing of the watch. 

The Last Word on Sevenfriday Watches

Taking care of your watches is important to maintain their appearance and longevity. In the world of accessories, watches are to be treated like jewellery. It is essential to care for them to keep them in the best condition. Luxury watches are a collector’s item and they should be treated as such. 


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