Perfect pose – Posing tips for your wedding photo booth session

You scored an awesome photo booth rental filled with riotous props for your reception. But even amidst colorful wigs and ridiculous signs, awkward group shots happen. Avoid cringe-worthy candids with these smooth photo booth posing ideas guiding groups into flawlessly funny pictures worth framing.

  1. Get silly with props

Photo booth props like silly glasses, hats, masks, and signs exist solely for ridiculousness. Instruct groups to incorporate items into their poses for comedic gold. Some wield speech bubble signs while others strike sassy postures beside them. Let a friend wear neon glasses on their forehead as unicorn horns for laughs. Play around attaching multiple magnetic mustaches or jumbo lips for instant hilarity. Generating smiles while working theme props into the poses guarantees giggles galore.

  1. Body angling amp up interest

Teach guests simple stance tricks ensuring frames never fall flat. Have some people angle their shoulders inward toward the center rather than lining subjects up stiffly side by side. Bend elbows, overlap arms across backs, and tilt a head onto a friend’s shoulder. These varied angles make photos way more intriguing than all subjects boringly facing forward. Cool confident body language and contact reads intimate, not stiff.

  1. Leverage levels 

Flat, same-height stances scream boring. Prevent flatness by leveraging height variances and multiple levels for dimension. Encourage some friends to take a knee, sit cross-legged in front, or stand on platforms behind. No two heads should align on the same plane. Mix and match friends kneeling, sitting, and standing including background ladder steps or rails to sculpt depth and interest. Playing with eclectic elevation adds a big visual appeal.

  1. Stack hands artfully

Traditional group shot poses involve stiffly lining up and placing hands at the sides. Have some rest hands on the shoulder of the person in front of them. Try interlocking fingers with elbows out and arms interwoven to form a loose heart or swirl shape with positive space peeking through. clasp hands gracefully at stomach level. Stacking hands crafts way more visually alluring moments. 

  1. Get bold with funny faces

Making ridiculous and extreme facial expressions always sparks contagious giggles during photo shoots! Remind groups to play around with funny faces as the camera snaps. Go cross-eyed, scrunch faces, stick out tongues, puff cheeks or lips anything for laughs. Have some friends stay straight-faced while others get kooky and contrasting expressions heighten the humor. Dare guests to hold silly faces steady as multiple pictures fire off for a flipbook effect. Channeling wacky inner characters inevitably amps up photo foolery.

  1. Try jumping poses 

Static standing shots frankly feel dull. Why not inject a playful spirit by prompting jumping poses? Groups hold hands and leap simultaneously like cohesive teams. Or better yet, tell some to jump while others kneel, stand, or sit out for layers of airborne levels. Have anyone wearing dresses or long skirts jump while mid-twirl? Catching air adds a sense of whimsical motion and high energy even in still shots. Defy gravity for queer delight and floaty fun. Just be sure jumpers land safely without colliding or twisting ankles.

  1. Play photo games

If your photo booth allows video capability for slideshows or animated GIFs, raise creativity with these ideas:

  • Quick draw shoot out – Have groups pantomime cowboy showdowns by pretending to grab holstered gun handles on your mark. Time selections, so the fastest hand wins.
  • Dance Offs-Cue music for 10 seconds allowing groups to spontaneously boogie. Those pulling the best wacky moves win! 
  • Many face showdowns – See how many absurd faces people can pull before time elapses. The strangest face montage claims the prize.

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