What are the Next Steps After You Found the Perfect Wedding Dress

Let’s check the wedding checklist:

You’ve checked all of these items on your wedding checklist, what to do next? Girl, let us focus on you. You’ve got the perfect wedding dress, but what about the ideal pumps, sparkly tiara, or the most skilled makeup artist to make you glamorous on your special day? If you answered no, then we have some work to do. Get your sneaks on; we are about to go shopping.

Shoes, Oh my gosh, Shoes!

First and foremost, you must decide what type of shoe is best for you. Maybe you’re a bit of a tomboy or really just like to be comfortable, then a sneaker or chuck may be the best option for you. Perhaps you are a bit shy but girly and want to wear a bit of heal? A kitten heel, ankle strap heel or a wedge maybe your best friend. Perhaps you are a queen and are ready to flaunt? A stiletto, pump, or platform may be your perfect pair for a perfect queen. Whether you like your heel to be high or low, there are attractive options out there for you. Good places to try to find your perfect pumps are looking at the clothing sites that you already visit. Also, a quick search for pumps through google is sure to print up many sites to sift through until you find the most perfect pair.

Glitz, Glam, and Everything Nice

Let’s get glammed up—David’s bridal, Kays, Jareds, Etsy, and more. There are so many options of where to find the best necklace and earrings to match your dress. Where to start? I would suggest going to the place you picked out your dress. They may have some jewelry options that the designer of your dress meant to have paired with your dress. If the bridal company/wedding dress shop does not have any suggestions, you could always try a jewelry subscription. There are many that you can choose from for the particular style of jewelry you are looking for, and some have a quiz you can take to better cater to your personal style. Another exciting path to look into would be renting your jewelry for your wedding, which can be very cost-effective. A simple google search can provide you with some of those sites to look through.


Gotta love that makeup! You need to decide if you want to do your own makeup or if you would like to hire someone to do it for you. Some factors to consider are do you regularly do your makeup? If so, more than likely, you know what products work best for you and the type of look you like on your face. If you don’t put makeup on regularly, a makeup artist may be the better choice for you. They are very knowledgeable about beauty products and trends that are the most current. Also, going with a Makeup artist can take off the pressure of having to do your own makeup and remembering to bring all of your beauty products if you want to do your own makeup that may be the cheapest and easiest option because you already have the makeup so you will not have to spend anything to do your own makeup. Whichever option you select, you can do a quick internet search and find fantastic wedding looks or the top-rated makeup artist in your neck of the woods.


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