Stunning Gold Mangalsutra Design Options For The New Bride

Gold jewellery offered to a bride is a part of the culturally significant “streedhan”. It refers to the property or jewellery that is given to the bride during her wedding. She is the sole owner of it, and it symbolises the power she holds in the household. Notably, the most important element of the streedhan is the mangalsutra. The mangalsutra is a traditional accessory given to the bride on her wedding day to symbolise her love and commitment towards her spouse. It is an auspicious statement of the holy body of marriage shared by the bride and the groom. Choose wisely from the following gold mangalsutra designs as it represents an eternal piece of jewellery that you would wear every day.

Diamond and gold mangalsutra

Designs combining gold and diamond are interesting for mangalsutras since the black beads and gold signify the bride’s devotion to her husband. Furthermore, the diamonds represent the permanence of their relationship. This makes such diamond-studded gold mangalsutra designs perfect for a new bride.

Contemporary mangalsutra designs

Contemporary design mangalsutras are sleek and minimalistic. It is exactly what the modern brides who are driven and career-oriented would prefer. The dull sheen of such gold mangalsutra designs in 18K or 14K is easy to combine with any formal outfit and can be accessorised with matte jewellery.

Gujarati mangalsutra designs

Inspired by traditional Gujarati designs, it is a modern and minimalist version of the chunky gold mangalsutra designs. Gujarati mangalsutras tend to pack some heavy bling with rows of diamonds set in a crescent-like shape. Gujarati designs often combine small spherical designs or ghungroos attached to the bottom tier of the pendant. It adds to the tiered style of the mangalsutra.

Mangalsutra bracelets

The mangalsutra traditionally worn around the neck has now been redesigned into a bracelet. It is a new take on the traditional design that still includes the essential components like the gold thread and black beads. Bollywood wives like Shilpa Shetty and Sonam Kapoor popularised this mangalsutra style, making it a rage among young brides. Bracelet mangalsutra are also preferred as they are easy to wear and suitable for active and sporty brides.

Personalised mangalsutra designs

Mangalsutra is traditional jewellery that you can now customise for a personal touch. You can combine your initials within the design to signify your holy union. Or you can follow the footsteps of Sonam Kapoor, who combined her sun sign with that of her husband’s in her mangalsutra. Many jewellers offer to customise your dream gold mangalsutra designs that put together elements that represent the wife and the husband.

Diamond mangalsutra designs

Nothing can be as captivating and yet as simple as a diamond solitaire mangalsutra. It combines the traditional gold thread and black beads with a diamond solitaire. But if you want to make it more unique, then go for an intricate and detailed design. Usually, the diamond forms the central piece, but you can also combine it with other precious stones.

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