Reasons Why Photo Filters And Effects Have Taken Over Raw Unedited Pictures.

Photo filters have existed since as long as photography has. Also filters are an amazing way to make your photos stand out. Filters help in achieving results that a camera alone cannot bring. A photo editor can do a great job at really making your pictures pop. Initially camera filters were used to isolate similar toned colours from the black and white images. Unlike today, there were no photo editing softwares back then. Even when these softwares were introduced, many photographers didn’t like using them as they thought a good photo is one which is raw and unedited.

But with advancement and easier softwares and applications being introduced, photo filters and photo editing have become a go to help for beginner photographers and other common people. Today, our social media presence is majorly based on our pictures and these tools really help us in maintaining this presence. Hence the B612 app comes with features such as real makeup and body edit to increase the number of likes on your photo . Filters became really popular and loved when Snapchat was introduced. Snapchat provides many filters that are fun and quirky. These filters help in enhancing and beautifying our pictures. But these filters are limited and the user cannot do much beyond it. The solution to this problem is applications that provide you the function of editing the pictures and customizing them. There are a lot of applications and softwares that one can use like B612, Adobe, Snapseed, VSCO etc.

Here are a few reasons why people prefer editing pictures and adding filters on them:

  1. Variety- Photo editing apps have a great variety of features, effects and filters. One can edit the size, colour, shape of the objects, add frames, stickers, characters, text and a lot more to make the final output stand out. This allows the user to mix and use different effects and filters.
  2. Advanced features- If you want to apply a background blur to other objects, you can do it with these photo editing apps. Latest smartphones come with dual cameras which allow you to click pictures in the portrait mode. But with editing apps, even people without dual camera phones can achieve similar results. One can also stitch together a number of images and turn it into a collage, add colours to a black and white picture, adjust the brightness-contrast-saturation, and many other effects.
  3. Beautifying effects- The beautifying effects provided by a photo filter app like B612 are really fantastic. These can help in beautifying selfies and modeling pictures. One can rely on these effects without worrying about looking perfect or their makeup being on point.
  4. Selective and accurate editing- An image is a sum of many elements that need individual attention while editing. Editing tools help in editing selective elements in a picture like light exposure, grains, colours, exposure, etc.

It is undoubted that photo filters and editing can really transform the images. But choosing the best apps/software for these tasks depends on the users’ needs, expectations and their level of skills in editing. Nevertheless, there are a number of editing apps that are easy and very user friendly.


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