Nine Reasons Why You Should Use Wooden Clutch Purses

We have all heard about clutch purses that got their bad reputation due to impracticality when compared with other types of handbags, but our idea is that people are too quick when they dismissed this particular style that was popular throughout the years.

Even though the clutch features some downsides, people tend to forget the advantages of getting this amazing piece that will increase your appeal.

We recommend you to check this link: so that you can see more information on wooden clutches, which are popular nowadays due to their ability to match with any clothing style and personality.

Let us see the reasons why you should use this particular type of purses:

  • Unique Perspective


The first thing that you will get with this specific type of accessories is that most contemporary women often choose comfortable style when compared with using unusual items.

However, that is a mistake, because the idea is to implement your style and to become unique when compared with others.

A wooden clutch will provide you with the combination of fun so that you can be unique and diverse in the world of accessories and fashion.

  • Perfect For Minimalistic Style

If you enjoy carrying around less baggage when compared with traditional perspective, the idea is to reduce the amount of clutter inside your purse, and you will be able to do it by finding an appropriate wooden clutch that will provide you peace of mind and enjoyment.

Clutches are great because you will have a limited amount of space, so you will not be able to take your entire house inside, but bring only the necessary things you need. Click here if you wish to learn more on minimalism.

  • Contemporary Feel

Since you will get the boxy feel and clean edges that will provide you with a modern perspective that you will not get from other purses in overall. If you have in minded that clutch is a perfect addition to an edgy outfit that will bring you the feel of tradition.

If you wish to present yourself as a modern woman, you should take this particular type of purse and enjoy all the way.

  • Simple To Maintain

The best thing about wooden clutch purse is that you can take it and wear it without additional maintenance, which is both inconvenient and time-consuming. You do not have to haul it around your shoulder as if you are carrying a bag filled with rocks.

The idea of this particular fashion accessory is to increase your overall appeal and enjoyment for a wide array of occasions especially ones that involve dancing and walking. Check this guide: so that you can learn how to distress wood with ease.  

  • Cheap Price Tag

If you have in mind that this is a unique piece of fashion accessory, you can rest assured because you will get a unique touch for affordable price tag when you compare it with other custom made parts.

You can change the style every single day, and it will stay perfect as it is and it will match anything you wear. You do not have to invest in a new technique or new close, because with it you can keep everything, you have and wear things you have not for a long time.

  • Protect Your Neck, Back and Shoulders

When you are carrying a shoulder bag, you are putting an enormous amount of strain on the body, so anyone who wants to use a massive purse for a walk would know that this is an uncomfortable thing to do and after a while, it can be annoying too.

Therefore, you should use the lightweight clutch, so that you can do your body a favor and reduce extra weight of your moisturizers, car keys and makeup as well as other things you carry around in a large purse.

The idea is to bring with yourself only things that you need, which means that with the clutch you will get limited space just for essential stuff you need.

  • Wood Stores Carbon

Wearing this particular type of purses will allow you to help the environment because wood can take carbon out of the atmosphere and to store it within. Since carbon, emissions are significant in the atmosphere that causes climate changes that are happening all across the globe.

Each time we burn some fossil fuel such as oil, coal or gas, carbon dioxide will enter the atmosphere, and through the cycle, trees and plants will absorb it and release oxygen as the result.,

Wood tends to store excess carbon that it receives from the air and by wearing wooden accessories such as clutch; you are going to help remove these chemicals from the atmosphere.

At the same time, other types of purses come from artificial materials that require more energy when compared with wooden accessories.

Therefore, you can rest assured because for production of this particular type of purses you will reduce the number of energy expenses and leave low carbon footprint overall. By finding a wooden accessory, you are endorsing sustainable manufacturing practices.

  • It Is Renewable

You probably did not know that wood is the only building material that grows naturally and that is entirely renewable. You will be able to harvest it and replant it with tree seedlings. Of course, you will have to wait for a few years, but in the future, each cut tree will grow again.

Since it is biodegradable and it can easily break down over time, when you do not wish to use it anymore, it is ready to get absorbed into the earth. If you’d like to learn more about carbon footprint check here.

Since wood features other materials inside too, it is much better than choosing artificial and non-renewable materials that require tremendous energy to be produced.

  • It Looks Amazing

If you have seen someone wearing a wooden purse or clutch, you will notice the difference when compared with other people. Wood has something that makes us enjoy in its characteristics, and its aesthetical appeal is unmatched.

It is the newest fashion trend, the best thing about this particular idea is that usage, and carbon footprint for making accessories from other materials will reduce as this trend grows in followers.


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