Necessary factors to know when buying running shoes

Whether you are prepping for your first races, having your fitness journey, or looking forward to a marathon. If or want to run for fun, you need to have a great pair of running shoes. There are mesmerizing choices available and running footwear is known to be a multi-billion pound industry. Running trainers in separation will rarely give the solution to an injury once it happens. Yet can lessen some factors that could result in the development of an injury.

The most necessary thing to realize when choosing the best running shoes is no single best shoe. Everybody has distinct needs, everything from your weight, biomechanics, and the surfaces you run. Most importantly, the shape of your feet. Check the following components below when looking for running shoes.

Know what makes a good running shoe

The best running shoes are engineered for durability, comfort, and support for your distinct gait and running style. Good running shoes are flexible and light, their soles are designed to absorb when the impact of your foot hitting the ground with every stride. Depending on where you are running and how far you run. You’ll like to consider various types of cushioning, sole grips, and upper materials.

Factors to consider when looking for running shoes


A good running shoe must have enough cushioning to absorb shock. If you pick a cushioned shoe, explore for overall shock absorption for the foot.

Heel Height

The heel height referred to the drop or pitch that ranges from 0-14mm on any trainer. The stiffer the ankle joint the more vital a running shoe with a higher heel drop will be.


Fit is one of the key features in looking for great running shoes.


It’s necessary to consider the type of surface you planning to run and the compatibility of the outsole. There are some differences in the type of outsole that is used for terrain suited types and road trainers.

Motion control

Footwear can usually be engineered overly yet there are several design features that contribute to lessening the mechanical forces on the lower limb and foot.

Check out these best running shoes

Asics Gel Nimbus 24

This is a classic model with cushioning engineered to last through everyday training for experienced and new runners.

Brooks Ghost 14

The Brooks Ghost is one of the most well-known models available on the market and it is also an award-winning sneaker. This mesh upper comes in fun colorways, the foam creates a soft and smooth ride and is also lightweight yet durable.

Karhu Ikoni

All Karhu shoes are created using 3D foot scan data, supporting the great Finns behind the brand. Producing a unique and comfortable experience for neutral runners.


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