How to make your girlfriend smile

As easy as it is to make your girlfriend smile, some men still struggle with this. For some girls an “I love you” is enough to make her smile. For another, saying I love you to her can be an epic fail. You need to figure out what your girlfriend likes if you want to make her smile

You should know that women are different and what works for one may not do for the other. So just don’t go around buying for your girlfriend a Kylie Jenner lip kit just because you think every girl would want one. Unless your girlfriend of course says she wants one. Some girls hold different things at heart and you’ll be surprised.

Here’s a list of ideas on how you can make your girlfriend smile. Do any of these and she’ll be smiling from cheek to cheek.

  • Tell her she’s beautiful

You could just tell your girlfriend she’s beautiful, but how you say it matters. It should be said with a certain amount of finesse. You just can’t simply blurt out the words “you’re beautiful”. To do this correctly you should sound sincere and be thoughtful. First, identify something unique about her and let it be your focus on her beauty. It could be the freckles on her cheeks. Tell her that you think the freckles on her cheeks make her look beautiful in a way you’ve never seen. You may also tell her she’s beautiful based on her actions such as if she works at a shelter somewhere. Identifying that as the most beautiful thing about her will make her smile.

  • Text or call her to say goodnight

It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve already texted your girlfriend to say goodnight. She will always smile when you do. Type her a cute good night message or give her a call before you go to bed. Shell smile knowing that she’s on your mind and you’re making sure she’s safe. Text her something like “good night my sweet lady” shell sleep with a smile on her face.

  • Buy her something that she really wants

Most girls will appreciate you getting them a gift especially when it comes as a surprise. To get your girlfriend a gift she will love, take off the time to understand what it is she likes, what’s he’s into, the things she talks about. Consider if the gift you’re going to get her will be beneficial. Take an example where your girlfriend has always talked about getting a specific type of high heels. You want to make her smile, buy them and have them delivered to her workplace. She will be surprised and won’t stop smiling the whole day.

  • Buy her a ring

Your girlfriend needs the assurance that you will never let her go. Words sometimes aren’t enough to prove this. What you can do is to buy her a Claddagh ring. Carry it when the two of you are going for a walk any day. Slowly grab her close to you out of the blue, look into her eyes and tell her you’ll never let her go. If you say these words and mean them, she should be able to smile. Make sure to accompany them with actions.

  • Surprise her with a bouquet

Flowers are a girl’s best friend. There’s no way a bouquet of her favorite flowers wouldn’t make her smile. The best thing about them is they can almost work for every occasion. Whether she’s feeling happy or sad, they will make her smile. Simply go to the flower shop and pick her a bouquet of roses, lilies, or dandelions depending on the ones she likes. Have them sent to her workplace with a cute note saying “I love you”. She won’t fail to smile. Or, leave them on the dining table for when she gets back from work.

  • Be there for her during hard times

Every girl needs a guy that can support her when she’s going through some hard times. Being there, supporting her, encouraging her, listening without judging is the best thing you can do during this time. She will always be grateful for having such a loving and caring boyfriend besides her. The thought of it will make her smile every time she remembers.

  • Send her random texts

Random texts during the day are a constant reminder that you adore her and are thinking about her. Examples of texts such as these are: you are my life, just wanted to let you know that I love you and I’m thinking of you. She will feel connected to you through the whole day even when you’re not around.

  • Make her a priority

Make your girlfriend know that she comes first before anything, your friends, movies, and even that call of duty: war zone game that you can’t stop playing. If you’re always making time for other things and non for her, it will be difficult to make her smile. However, when she feels included in your plans it won’t be hard for her to feel happy. Remember to always pay attention to the things she wants and likes too.

  • Tell the people you love about her

Do your friends and family know who your girlfriend is or how special she is to you? Maybe that’s why she’s not smiling. Tell your friends and family about her. When she gets to know or see you doing this, she will know that she means the world to you and that, surely make her happy. However, not doing so will make her question why the two of you are together in the first place.

Final thoughts

And that’s how you can make your girlfriend smile. Not that hard was it? If you know her well and the things she likes, it will be a smooth walkover. Also, don’t be afraid to try out the new stuff if you haven’t. Say, if you haven’t yet introduced her to your family and friends, do so. It would be a great way to start this whole making her smile thing. Good luck!

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