Filler Flowers and Foliage: A Complete Guide

When making a flower arrangement, greenery is essential. Your flowers would blend in with the surroundings if they were not surrounded by foliage. The addition of foliage and filler flowers will make your bouquet appear happier, brighter, more organized, and well put together.

How can you wow those who see your arrangements? With Luv Sola, you can make a gorgeous bouquet or floral arrangement with the flowers, fillers, and leaves from our sola wood flowers collection. These options all complement the Luv Sola flowers and work nicely together. But what kinds of plants are available? Are our goods diverse enough to allow you to design the world you wish to live in?

What Are Filler Flowers, Exactly?

Filler flowers and miniature flower sprays are used interchangeably. Filler flowers are used in bouquets. Florists and floral designers use filler flowers to fill in the gaps between the primary flowers in a floral arrangement.

Filler flowers give a variety of textures to a floral arrangement, adding depth and richness. The appropriate amount of filler flowers must be utilized to complete a bouquet. This may cause the layout to appear busy and unorganized.

Smaller filler foliage leaves can be utilized as highlights to make the arrangement seem more coherent and consistent. Setaria and other feathery plants can be used to impart a delicate or airy character to a design. Filler flowers with rough textures, such as Protea Repens, give contrast to floral arrangements.

The intricacy, richness, and brilliance of the dried and preserved filler flowers for sale by Luv Sola are astonishing. Their height and color will improve your arrangements, and they may even be the star on their own. Filler flowers can help to fill in any gaps in your wooden flower arrangements.

Flower Types Used As Filler

The Luv sola flowers stand out in a bouquet since they are compatible with two distinct types of foliage. The available filler flowers must be used. When combined with our Sola wood flowers, the precisely designed and ordered foliage lets the flowers shine out while keeping their stunning beauty.

With our greenery, you can create a bouquet for a special event. Greenery is crucial to the overall appearance of a bouquet. But what are the two types of greens available?

Plant Life Preserved

Your bouquet will stand out if you utilize preserved foliage and a variety of vivid accents, such as reds, greens, yellows, and oranges. Each variety of preserved greenery compliments any of our flowers beautifully, can be used for a long time and is an excellent addition to any occasion when flowers are required.

fake filler

Using faux foliage helps extend the life of your arrangement since, unlike actual greenery, it will not wilt or dry out. Because synthetic greenery comes in such a wide range of colors, shapes, and sizes, you have a lot more creative freedom and can make any arrangement you can dream of. Our Sola flowers are available in any color, style, or variety, and when paired with fake greenery, your bouquet will last longer and be more eco-friendly.

How Can You Use Filler Flowers and Greenery in Your Home?

Filler flowers may be used in any home style since Luv Sola has a large assortment that will meet your demands. Depending on the style you’ve picked, you might want to consider the items on the following list.

Filler Flowers in a Country and Bohemian Style

Concerning these aesthetics, there are numerous choices you can make from Luv Sola. You can select Floral Buttons, which are pink, spherical blooms with a fluffy, button-like look. You might also seek anything with a warm golden tone. In this instance, consider the Billy balls. They look like Floral Buttons and are their little counterparts.

Phalaris, with its wonderful texture and reddish tint, is a lovely replacement. Phalaris is tall, dry grass that would look lovely in bohemian or rustic designs. You might also consider Caspia, which has been conserved. By sprinkling your most avant-garde and free-spirited creations with this fantastic wispy spray, you can give them height and a fluffy look. Furthermore, the vibrant fuchsia hue will add the essential “pop” to your work.

Filler Blossoms: Modern and Traditional

You might wish to consider utilizing preserved spiral eucalyptus to finish this motif. Because of its towering size and deep, dark color, this plant is ideal for anchoring displays. The fragrance is quite appealing, and the texture is pleasantly silky.

Another alternative is Platyspermum, which is utilized as a filler flower in many arrangements due to its dark tint and long, thin leaves. Platypus is preserved and available online.

The angular and pointed characteristics of Protea Repens make it a perfect complement to any mix. This option is available in yellow, red, or orange tones. There is no texture like Protea Repens, which provides everything you do with it a fantastic, three-dimensional aspect.

Green filler flowers, as well as other filler flower alternatives, are available from Luv Sola. There is a chance that you will discover the greatest strategy to complete your arrangement. Pay great attention to the specifics when placing an order for filler flowers. Some filler flowers are offered in bunches, while others are sold as a single stem. It’s also crucial to consider your arrangement’s height so that you don’t overdo or underdo the idea that you have in your mind.


A bouquet will not be considered complete if it lacks foliage since the flowers cannot show their full brilliance. Another key consideration is selecting the correct type of plant. You are urged to visit our website and begin assembling your bouquet from the various pieces after carefully considering the overall design you want to achieve.

On our website, you will find not one, not two, but three distinct flower kinds, as well as a broad choice of foliage, to assist you in creating the bouquet of your dreams with the resources we give. Furthermore, we provide you with great instruction and help while you work on your first job. Please click here and visit our website to discover more about Sola Flowers.

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