Buy Designer Bindi Online – Which one to Choose?

Have you ever thought, why do women wear or buy bindi? Is it just a fashion trend or does it have some deep meanings? Well, the bindi is said to preserve energy and enhance concentration. Bindis are the special and essential part of married women in Indian society especially for Hindu ideology. 

The place between our eyebrows, where the bindi is placed is considered a meditation point hence putting bindis on this point helps to improve focus. Isn’t it amazing??

Due to the addition of lots of fashion trends, this world is changing; so are the designs and patterns of bindis that have also been evolved. Sometimes, it has been seen that some people tend to focus more on the jewellery items and other accessories but in reality, choosing the correct Bindi matching the shape of your face, and the outfit, is a juggling task. So, for an Indian festival or wedding, do incorporate a bindi with your outfit. Need help to choose one?? Here we are!!  

Choose The Best Bindis Perfectly Matched To Your Outfits

Buy Plain Velvet Bindis Online

Velvet bindis are simple, subtle and trendy. Their finish is so graceful that it can catch anyone’s eye. You can get them in any colour; match them with your outfit or even match your bindi with your lipstick too. If you are a bindi lover but don’t want to be very loud with it, you can totally opt for these pretty velvet coloured dots. These plain velvet bindis are a good option if you are wearing some subtle Indian outfit. 

Purchase Stylish Stone Bindis

Stone bindis were very popular in the ’90s, and yet again they are trending. These are velvet bindis with pasted stones on them. Small diamond-like stones can enhance the beauty of bindis. These look very sleek and their glare adds glamour to your face. If you are heading to a wedding party by wearing some heavy and embroidered outfit, then a bindi with a stone is enough to wear for your overall looks. 

Shaded Bindi

Shading is a blend of two or more colours on one dot. It looks beautiful with contrast colors. It’s perfect to match with the outfit having more than one colour. These come in vibrant colors and look perfect with Indian outfits. 

Red Round Bindi

Ever noticed a Bengali bride with that beautiful red bindi?? Just wow! Nothing looks more sensual than a woman wearing a round red bindi on her forehead. It’s a classic style and red bindi is symbolic of a prosperous marriage. Earlier women used to put red kumkum bindis but now it’s much easier with sticker ones. Mostly, brides these days choose to wear red round bindis on their wedding day. It looks perfect with a red outfit. 

Choose Layered Bindi Online

As the name implies, it is made by using two to three bindis. When in doubt about which coloured outfit you are going to wear on an occasion and juggling with the type of bindi, I suggest you go for the layered one. Make your statement style. For this, some ladies even place bindis in such a manner that it looks like a layer. The layers can be made by using different colours and sizes. Layered bindi is very simple to make; yet it is stylish too. We can even customise them by buying plain velvet bindis.


Wearing bindi is not just an Indian concept, many Hollywood celebs have also been seen wearing them on different occasions. International figures like Madonna, Selena Gomez also used bindi as a fashion statement. It is not limited to age, religion, marital status and gender. It has now become a distinguished style statement. 

I don’t know if you ever noticed; wearing the right bindi also enhances the beauty of your eyes. For the latest collection of Bindis, you can check Amazel Designs. There are many styles, sizes and colours available. If you are not a bindi lover, I think you might give it a try this time. Trust me! you won’t regret it.

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