Best Color Contact Lenses For Astigmatism

The colored lenses that are custom-made for people suffering from astigmatism are toric contact lenses and they are special in the way that they help in changing the color of one’s eye without affecting their vision requirements. 

Toric colored contacts can give mild natural enhancement to your original color or give you a completely bold look, as per your requirement. However, they are made as per your prescription for vision correction after you get an evaluation from a certified optometrist. 

In Solotica, which is a premium brand of contact lenses, three different types of prescription color contact lenses are available specially catering to the needs of astigmatism. Non-toric lenses do not usually fit the eyes of a person who has astigmatism because of their eye shape and poor fitting of lenses is strictly not advisable by the experts at Solotica as they can cause symptoms ranging from mild irritation to severe soreness of the eye and even blindness. 

Features of toric lenses

The lenses customized for astigmatism must have the following features:

  • Multiple lens power is added to different parts of the colored contact lenses to correctly establish the vision correction required for astigmatism. 
  • Asymmetrical weighting is also added to lenses so that they do not rotate while you are wearing them. 

These factors reduce the choices of colored contacts that are available for astigmatism compared to regular contacts that are made for other vision defects like farsightedness. 

For darker eye colors, opaque tint lenses should be used, as enhancement tint will not show any change in eye color. Other than this one difference, you can choose any shades from blue, green, topaz, aqua, brown, hazel, or violet to give yourself a bold look. 

Caring for your color contact lenses is very essential to avoid any serious damage or eye infections from affecting your eyes. Some care tips for these colored lenses are:

  • Follow the instruction guide that comes with your lenses accurately. 
  • Use the solution that is specifically made for lenses to wash them before and after use. 
  • Replace the lenses that are close to their expiry dates. 
  • Store the lenses in an inappropriate manner inside the lens box. 
  • Never use lenses if you are feeling any discomfort or irritation in the eyes. 
  • You should not sleep with the lenses on. 
  • It is better to not overuse the colored lenses as the older the lenses are, the less oxygen passes through them. 
  • Less permeability of oxygen can affect the health of your eye negatively. 

Most optometrists suggest buying single-use contact lenses for cosmetic reasons especially if they are colored as the dye does not allow for good oxygen permeability. 

In any case, you should buy contact lenses from illegal sellers or non prescription color contact lenses. This becomes specifically important if you have astigmatism as it can cause serious and irreversible damage to your eyes. 

Always contact your eye doctor first and let them provide you with a vision correction. With a prescription from the eye doctor, you must only buy safe and FDA-approved lenses from reputable dealers. 


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