Akoya Pearls – the Rarest and Valuable Pearl in Pearl Industry Cultivated in Saltwater

Pearls are made by nacre that covers any substance in layers inside an oyster shell. The number of layers determines the quality and size of a pearl. Pearls have never been out of fashion. A pearl necklace or earrings, goes with any attire and can make a simple outfit look glamorous. Hence, every woman has at least one pearl set in their jewellery box which helps them to match their outfit at the last minute.

Mikimoto Kokichi when tried cultivating oyster pearls in Japan, he failed initially, later after many attempts he was successfully able to cultivate saltwater pearls. Thus, later he patented the procedure and that is how Mikimoto pearls were cultured on Mikimoto Pearl Island named Ojiwa. Now there are museums and pearl industry that’s set up exhibitions and events for tourists to show their talent in pearl industry.

Since pearls have been so much in demand that farmers were unable to match it with natural pearls from sea and ocean, hence they started cultivating pearls through natural process. This helped in meeting the demand of gem in the market. There are endless sorts of pearls available in market. However, the most appealing and expensive gem that has been cultivated for the last 100 years is Akoya pearls which is produced by small oyster shells called Pinctada Fucata.

Let us know some specifications about these pearl –

  • Their lustre is very high making it exclusively bright and shiny.
  • Since they are cultured for a longer period of time, therefore there are hardly any blemishes on it.
  • Nacre coating determines the quality of any pearl, and in this scenario, nacre coting is very thick since the pearl is left inside the shell for longer time.
  • Although the common colour for pearl is creamy white, you will also find this pearl in rose or silver shade.
  • Initially they were available only in Japan coastal region, but now they can be found in China, Thailand, Australia and Vietnam.

One Pinctada oyster produces maximum two pearls in one harvest. Hence, their availability is rare and expensive. Although it is the most valuable pearl, it is still is at the third place in the pearl business. The first two places are taken away by South Sea as well Tahitian respectively. Still it is called the King of all Pearls.


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