About Prisoner’s Tattoos and Their Different Types to Choose from

Tattoos are one of the most happening things for youngsters as it gives a creative look at the person’s body. But this is totally a no for prisoners. Though this is banned, we have seen prisoners not following these rules.

There are even certain myths, stories and meanings about prisoner’s tattoos. 

It is said that there is some connection between a criminal’s psychological problems like their mental disorders, personality traits, etc. with the tattoo that is inked on their body. They might be associated with some gang or follow a certain ideology.

So, considering all this, we have seen the following tattoos or the prisoner’s tattoos inked nowadays.

Even you can get these fake prison tattoos at tattooednow.com for which you might not have to go to prison.

Image Credit: https://www.istockphoto.com/photo/i-dont-need-anyone-i-have-no-connection-with-any-crime-gm1249903476-364391442

Here you will find a huge collection of prison and gangster temporary tattoos which are easy to be worn and remove.

  1. Number 1488: This is found in supremacist/ Nazi prisoners. You will also see 14 or 88 used alone where 14 stands for fourteen words, which talk about the words said by Nazi leader David Lane and number 88 stands for HH which means Heil Hitler. It is inked on any part of the body.
  2. Cobweb: A spider’s web resembles the prisoner’s long sentence. This means the spider is catching the prey or the prisoner is stuck in jail. This is inked mainly on the elbows or the neck.
  3. Teardrop: This has a different meaning in different regions. For some, this symbol means a long prison sentence while for some it means guilty of murder. If it is just a silhouette then it means an attempt to murder.
  4. Clock without hand: This indicates that the prisoner has spent a long time in prison. This can be in the form of a wrist watch or a wall clock but it doesn’t have a hand.
  5. Three dots tattoo: This is a very famous tattoo amongst people behind bars. It means that they have chosen their lifestyle which will be crazy and different.
  6. Five-point crown: This is a logo of the Latin Kings Gang which is one of the Hispanic gangs in the US. Their headquarters is in Chicago. The crowns bear the letters ALKN which is the powerful Latin king state. The five points mean that the Latin king has an affiliation with the People’s National gang (represented by the number 5).
  7. Five dots: These five dots represent the time in prison. The dot in the middle represents the prisoner himself and the four outer dots represent the four walls of the prison. This is usually made on the hand between the thumb and the index finger.
  8. Eyes on the chest: It is better to be aware of the person having the eyes on the chest. This simply means that this person has gained a lot of power during his stay in the prison and has a high degree of authority and respect.
  9. Knife around the neck: This means that the person is a murderer and is very proud of it that he has inked it on his body.

You will find many such different prisoner’s tattoos, which may be connected to different gangs. Thus, you need to be careful about such people.


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