’90s Revival: How to Rock Grunge (Inspired) Pieces in the 21st Century

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A lot of ’90s icons are making a strong comeback, from Hollywood celebrities to designer brands and music groups. Grunge-heads are in a frenzy unearthing their clothes, music albums, and other fave memorabilia from the era.

It truly is a time of celebration for the kids of the ’90s because the style that they are most comfortable in is becoming much coveted by precocious millennials. However, the evolution of fashion is making it possible to polish the dominant looks of their time and give them better street credibility today.

So, if you are keen on ’90s fashion, and you are all for marrying it with the sophisticated feel of today’s style, here are some of the best styling tips and tricks to follow:

1. Invest in luxurious pajamas.

The pajama fashion popularized by Kate Moss, the cast of the film “Clueless,” and ’90s alternative rock bands made use of comfy plaid flannel or silk and lace pieces. It was popular because of the carefree attitude of GenXers demonstrating that it was okay to be seen in something they slept in. But, to make it more appropriate for 2019, make sure to invest in high-end homewear.

Check out designer sleepwear for men and women online. For sure, you will find pieces that obviously look like comfort-wear, but do not look like you have just rolled out of bed in them which, as mentioned earlier, was the “thing” back in the day. You can mix and match them with more contemporary pieces for a street-chic style.

2. Pair logo shirts with polished pieces.

Take a cue from today’s generation of top models who are huge fans of logo shirts. However, they give these pieces a bit more class and panache by pairing these with gorgeous structured pieces such as leather pencil skirts, tweed (another popular ’90s item), or silk crop trousers. 

If you want logo shirts with a strong grunge vibe, aim to catch a Guess sale online. Guess is the perfect choice because there’s no brand more symbolic of the last decade before the new millennium than this one.

3. Structure your plaids.

If there’s any generation that loved plaids more than anything, it’s got to be generation X. And, flannel plaids were the strong preference. But to make plaids less homewear and more versatile-wear, make sure to go for pieces that are structured well such as blazers, pencil skirts, and cropped pants.

Structured plaids are easier to pair with classic wardrobe staples such as a silk top, a little black dress, and knits.

4. Pair silk dresses with cotton button-down shirts or a classic blazer.

This pairing makes sexy silk dresses that tend to look like lingerie more formal or professional. Back in the ’90s, gals would opt to wear these silk dresses as they are, which somehow limited these pieces to date nights or cocktail events.

However, by pairing them with classic staples such as a crisp button-down collared shirt, a nicely structured blazer in linen or wool, or even a form-fitting knit pullover, the slinky dress looks more luxurious and apropos for various occasions.

5. Wear your fanny pack as a cross-body bag.

This little change in styling is all it takes to give the trusty fanny pack of the grunge period a more contemporary feel. As popular as Mom or Dad fashion is, you may not necessarily want to look rather dated. So, instead of wearing a fanny pack as a belt bag, wear it as a cute little cross-body bag.

Of course, you still can wear it the conventional way. But to make it more “fashion” (as millennials like to say it), perhaps wear a fanny pack belt-bag style when you have a more sophisticated ensemble on. This way, the bag looks stylishly intentional instead of purely a functional accessory.

There you go — these are some of the best styling tips to make the ’90s fashion revival more appropriate for the 21st century. It’s all about knowing the best grunge pieces and judiciously incorporating “now” items for a more modern flavor. 


Victoria Maksheeva is the CEO of Brandable SA. Founded in 2016, Brandable is a luxury fashion online retailer established in Switzerland. The store offers collections from well-known designers around the globe specialising in luxury clothes and accessories for women, men and children.


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