7 Secrets About Kids Pull Along Wagon

According to many child development psychologists, pull along wagon are one of the best playthings for kids during the first 3 years of their life. Even for toy experts, pull along toys improves mental growth among kids only that you have to choose the ones that best suit them.

Pull along toys are categorized based on the age of the user. Hence, in order to meet their full ability and potential, picking the most appropriate pull toy is crucial. Your kids deserve only the best from you.

Don’t make any mistake! Learn these 7 secrets about pull along toys any parent should know.

  • Look out for sharp edges.

Some pull along toys have sharp edges that you might not notice during your purchase. They aren’t hard to find if you’ll make a careful assessment of the item. Don’t overlook this issue because it can lead to bigger problem if left unnoticed. You have nothing to worry about with kids pull along wagon from Step2 Direct, a well-known toy distributor in Australia. They always prioritize your kid’s safety.

  • Long strings or cords are dangerous. Watch out for them!

Before even deciding to buy a pull along wagon for your kids, it’s important to check on the length of the string. Your child might be strangulated by the cord while playing so you’d better watch out. It doesn’t always show on the first pull or trial so have at least 3 trials to make sure.

  • Exposed nails must be hiding somewhere.

Sometimes, what’s exposed is still unnoticed. Be careful for exposed nails of your child’s pull along wagon. Either the handle or the sides must have nails exposed widely somewhere. See to it that you protect your child from these to avoid cuts or bruises.

  1. Strings can cut a bit.

If the string is too thin, it can cut through your baby’s delicate skin. Check if the cord is safe for your baby. When you see any sign of scratches on the cord, beware because it can give up easily after a number of pull.

  • The handle can be susceptible to breaking.

Some pull along toys are made of detachable handles. In this case, you need to double check the handle if removal will reveal sharp edges or points. Ensure that the crossbars are attached firmly on the handle after you return it.

  • You don’t always get pull along wagon with removable wheels.

In terms of this kind of toy, it’s always better to opt for the one with removable wheels. It might require greater work when returning the wheel but most buyers prefer this one than other selections. Axles and wheels must be firmly attached with each other for better performance.

  • Other pull along toys don’t need a walking driver.

Some version of pull along wagon can be played even with your kid sitting on a bench. With just his two hands moving, the toy will work. It’s up to you.

By the time your child learns to walk, he/she will ask for toys that can either be pushed or pulled. Pull along wagon will encourage your toddler to walk more steps every single day. Look for the best options such as the best seller toddler kitchen from Step2 Direct. Don’t forget to watch their back to keep balance while playing.


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