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3 Stunning Leather Backpacks With a Charm Unlike Any

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As much fun as it sounds, ask any woman with a spectacular taste in fashion and she’ll tell you how difficult it is to find ‘the one perfect handbag’ that goes with every attire and every look. Things get extremely confusing when you have so many options but you know nothing about what materials and what patterns are trendy. So, to put you out of the dilemma, let’s first tell you the material that never gets outdated, it’s leather. The Lowell leather backpacks are some of the best backpacks that you’ll ever come across. 

Not just the fact that these bags come from an entirely unique league of brand, they’re also special in the terms of the different feminine touches that each one of these bags carry – some are minimalist for simple women, some look ultra chic since they’re designed for women with a vibrant personality, and some others are classic examples of style meeting sophistication. 

So, no matter the type, Lowell is the one brand that’ll give you multiple options. 

Let’s have a look at some such leather backpacks that are just absolutely worth every single penny spent. 

1. Van Horne Outlaw Leather Bag – for the minimalist women 

If simplicity is your signature mark, then this is the leather bag that’ll suit your personality. 

  • It draws inspiration from the vintage look that’s bewitching beyond words. 
  • It’s just pure cow leather and nothing else. 
  • The leather straps are not just adjustable but they’re large too. 
  • It has an inside pocket that’s actually removable. 

2. Amsterdam Recycled Fur Backpack – for the diva

Let this furry delight do most of the talking about your peppy and vibrant personality. It’s actually nothing less than a mine of gold for women who love to stand out of the crowd, but in a classy way. 

  • It’s a proper fusion of half material and half fur. 
  • It has a comfortable top handle in addition to the already comfortable adjustable straps. 

3. Casgrain Leather Backpack – for the poised ones

This leather backpack is an ideal cross between sophistication and style. It’s unique in a lot of different ways as listed below. 

  • It’s a backpack but it is designed so well that it actually looks like a trendy tote bag. 
  • The material is pure cow leather and the linings are made of 100% pure cotton. 
  • The straps are adjustable and, at the same time, they’re embellished with charming button studs. 

And with this we have come to an end to this guide that’ll most certainly make you meet that one perfect bag that’s ideal for you.