Some FAB  Ways to use your Mom’s Old clothes- Fun with Ladies Tops

It would not be a right thing if I say that we have never raided into our mom’s or grandma’s closet. I remember when I used to fish out some prettiest clothes by diving into my mom’s closet, walking in her tall stilettos, even if they didn’t fitmy size (quite literally, obviously they were several sizes larger). If we look behind over the time, there will be countless things that we did as little girls like really playing with moms ladies tops or the off shoulder tops

When I was a teenager, I remember that though my mother didn’t have an impeccable and designer-filled closet, but I always liked walking into her 500 square feet wardrobe to borrow some classy outfits so that I could flatter my looks among my friends. How amazing feeling it was!

During my adolescence phase, I didn’t think my mother was a style icon. To me, her old designer ladies tops  were too gaudy, her collection of stylish ladies tops were way out of my style, and over the above, her long and roomy ladies tops were straight out of a western appeal.

But as I have grown considerably older now, I really admire my mom’s style of clothing- completely chic and well-tailored. Along with being a powerful, mindful, caring and loving lady of every girl’s life, mothers do have the world’s best wardrobe collection, especially when it comes to sarees.

It is quite often that they get bored of their old saree collection and simply stack them at the back of the cupboards. Lucky me, that I have found all her extravagant pieces of clothes stuffed in the basement for nearly around 30 years. She might have managed all those stuff for yearsbecause she knew one day her digs would find a home in my closet. Ha! Ha! Ha!

Modernizing your mother or grandmother’s wardrobe might seem to be a risky move, but I did it well. “What’s old becomes new again.” Is not a rough saying for this!

Keeping this in mind, I tried to create some classy looks that are on trend these by strategically pairing few vintage items with my mother’s clothing, accessories, and shoes.From wide-legged trousers, palazzos, maxi skirts, designer ladies tops to stylish ladies tops and even off shoulder tops, I did complete justice to the creations, take a look!

Silk Scarf

Scarves can never go out of trend, whether made from silk or georgette fabric. However, a silk scarf looks good with any outfit, may it be a dress, jeans or stylish ladies tops. Also, they can be worn in any type of climate.

Box top or Crop top

A silk saree can be transformed into cute box top or crop ladies tops. The vibrant colors and the classy fabric will make it look stunning. Either you can rush to a boutique nearby asking the designer to transform your mother’s silk saree into a stylish ladies tops or you can do it yourself.

Tunic Tops

The evergreen printed georgette or chiffon sarees can be used to make a classy tunic top or sheer shirt. It is one of the most loved patternsfrom designer tops for women that go well for a western and contemporary fashion style.

Wide legged trouser

A light-weight chiffon saree is the most common wardrobe staple for an Indian woman. If you find one flowery chiffon saree in your mom’s old collection, then why not turn it into a pair of good-looking wide legged trousers? Wide legged trousers and palazzos when paired with pretty off shoulder tops look very beautiful and are sure to catch as many eyes as possible. 

Cute Shrug

A saree has more than 4 meters of fabulous fabric and disposing of the leftover cut-outs while making a dress out of it, is a total waste of your creation. Without doing many efforts you can get your creative hat on with ideas rolling and revamp those leftover fabrics into a cute shrug. You must be thinking how it is so? Yes, it’s possible, because I did it, and it looked oh-so-fab!

Slit Maxi Dress

When I found one plain black saree in my mom’s wardrobe, I decided to create an instant sophisticated item- a side slit maxi skirt. It is one of the most comfortable staples in the skirts department and hasthe ability to transform any look into something glam or downright cool.

Paper bag skirt

And if you really want to go some adventurous to play with a 4-meter long fabric then take you mom’s old saree and rush to a tailor nearby to create a fab paper bag skirt. Ask him to take its full length and fasten it at the waist using an elastic band. Team these silk saree turned skirts with your favourite off shoulder tops or any other stylish top for women and walk like a diva!


Silk fabric is a kind of material that will make you feel cozy. So, you do have an option to transform your mother’s heavy embroidery silk saree into a stunning silk jacket. You can wear this bright color silk jacket over any designer ladies tops to any family function or wedding celebration.

Yes, if you love the sarees like I do and have always admired gorgeous woman showing off their curves in their stupendous collection of sarees, it is the time to adorn them where ever you can and whatever form you can. Seriously, just look around and see the world is going ga-ga over this 5 metre cloth. Wear it as it is, play around with jackets, tops and sultry blouses. If wearing them is not your cup of tea or they are just too old and worn out to be worn like this, then try some of the things that I tried.

So, these were few of the best ways I tried to transform my mom’s old silk saree into. There are many more ideas that may hunt your mind for creativity. All you need to do is look around yourself to seek inspiration from the creative designer outfits and expand the horizons of your imagination.Going to the market or logging on to buy off shoulder tops, why not make some this season?

So, all fashionista’s here is an alert for you! If your mom has her beautiful array of sareesin her closet and she is never going to wear them, then you can take them off her hands or go straight to the tailor nearby and do whatever you feel like to play with fashionable ladies tops

All The Best!!


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