Couples planning their engagement are usually interested in modern, everyday engagement rings. Beautiful Engagement Ring Settings in many modern variants and designs are available here in our shop. Fine silver, elegant white gold or extraordinary platinum, with or without stone, simply or elaborately designed, modern engagement rings are available for every taste and budget. Fine zirconia, precious diamond or modern Swarovski stone in several colors, beautiful engagement rings are available here with different semi-precious or precious stones. You love colors and have a favorite color? Order your engagement rings in the color of your choice.

You prefer a timeless and precious diamond? Choose your rings with one of our beautiful gemstones. Of course, we also keep modern engagement rings very simple and made of silver or titanium. Because sometimes it is true: Classic is capitalized to the engagement. However, young people in particular rely on modern materials. No matter which engagement rings you choose, all models convince with their high quality and quality.

Already during the production of the Engagement rings, we attach great importance to the selection of the best materials. Only in this way can we guarantee that the rings will last a long time and will always remind you of that special day. Also important is the production of the models. Solid craftsmanship coupled with meticulous workmanship ensures that your engagement rings are as unique marquise diamond as your love of each other.

Select and order modern marquise diamond engagement ring settings

For the elegant ladies ring the matching men’s ring? Of course, we offer the matching models as ladies and men’s ring. Thus, the lady of the heart can wear her wish ring with or without stones or hearts and the man receives the matching engagement ring for men. Our rings are available in many sizes. Simply measure the diameter of your ring finger and select the two rings in the correct sizes.

You can best order engagement rings from the comfort of your own home sofa. Take a look at our wide range of products and then choose your two engagement rings together. Would you like to get advice in advance? We are at your disposal with our expertise. Contact us and arrange a non-binding appointment for a free consultation.

The gemstone color (hue saturation)

All natural Marquise diamond gemstones are unique in their color. To better understand the terms and identify different color parameters, it is important to focus on three things when it comes to gems. A gemstone can have different color intensities, shades, purity, saturation and tone. The main factors that determine the color of a gemstone are: hue, tone, and saturation.

The hue Is only one primary color of the gem, which is one of the main colors of the color palette (rainbow). The determination of the hue is just as easy to determine that the gem is blue, red, green or yellow.

The tone Determines how intense the color of the gemstone is. It can vary from light to dark, ideally the most valuable tone would be neutral, i.e. It is not too bright and not too dark, but in the middle. However, different tones may look more attractive than others, depending on the design and style of the jewelry, and sometimes it is a matter of taste and personal preference.

Saturation also referred to as the purity of colors and gems with excellent saturation, contains little to no brown or gray hues. Of course, the purer the color, the more valuable the gemstone.

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