Have a bright face using the best ayurvedic face cream

The veil of protection for the mortal vessel! It is either shiny silk or coarse cover. Whatever may be the texture of the veil, it is important to protect this beautiful gift of nature.  Man has found a solution to keep this beautiful veil pretty and healthy.  The creams were mainly derived from green plants. Through ages of search and impeccable experiences, the Vedic masters have discovered a means to protect the integument.

Perils that besiege the veil

According to Ayurveda, there are 7 layers of skin. These 7 layers form the integument of the human body protecting it from various ailments. Since it’s the uppermost layer it is more prone and exposed to various happenchances. It can be a rash or a pimple or any kind of perils that cause the irritation and malfunction of the skin. There is various best ayurvedic face cream for every one of these ailments.

The Seven Layers of the Skin

Ayurveda elucidates seven variant layers of the skin. Each later has its own unique framework and role. The distinct layers below are specifically created and designed so that each layer provides support to the layers above it.  Due to this intricate and marvelous design, the skin as a whole is able to effectively perform its overall functions when all the layers are healthy and balanced.

The first layer – Avabhasini:

This layer is the outermost layer of the integument. It comprises of the complexion and the quality of the Rasa Dhatu. It also acts as a window to the health of the body. It indicates whether the physiology of the internal body as a whole is balanced or imbalanced. This layer is said to reflect the aura of the body.

The second layer Lohita:

This layer acts as a supporting layer to the outermost layer. It indicates the quality of Rakta Dhatu which means the blood vessels. If there are impurities found to be in the blood the second layer is said to impact the aura of the outer layer and it accentuates sensitivity to the sun.

The third layer Shweta:

This layer is a white layer beneath the Avabhasini and lohita laters. It provides balance to skin color. It provides lightening of the darker colors of the inner layers.

The fourth layer Tamra:

This layer lies beneath the upper three layers of the skin. It supports the immune system with its functions. This is the important and main layer that helps the skin perform its function of being a “protective barrier”.  Any type of skin infections are reflected here and it causes an imbalance in this layer

The fifth layer Vedini:

This fifth layer is a connector. It sensually links the skin to the rest of the body. It is the center for all sensory feelings. It shows pain, sensations, etc.

The sixth layer Rohini:

This divine layer supports healing and regeneration. Any imbalance degeneration in this layer retards the healing and timely disappearance of scars over time. A healthy diet, rich nutrients helps to keep this layer balanced.

The seventh layer Mamsadhara:

This is the last and innermost layer of the skin. It is the platform for the skin’s elasticity and firmness. When this layer is kept in balance the skin looks young and rejuvenated.

This layer is mostly maintained by a healthy diet.

Facts to know when choosing the best ayurvedic face cream

Ayurvedic creams are very specific and have extraordinary healing properties. They are designed specifically for every disease and skin ailments. There are different types of skin textures. soft skin, rough skin, dry skin, oily skin, sensitive, etc.  Each skin type need a specific and carefully structured treatment. A cream designed for sensitive skin might not work on rough skin. Similarly, a cream designed for rough skin will be harsh on sensitive and soft skin types. Hence choosing the best ayurvedic face cream according to skin type is important.

As said above there are seven different layers of the skin. Each layer needs different treatments. For example: turmeric

Turmeric affects only the upper layers. Whereas to treat the inner layers intake of nutrients is needed.  Hence knowing these details will assist in choosing the best ayurvedic face cream.

Knowing which layer has ailments is vital for choosing best ayurvedic face cream.


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