Do You Know Everything About Room Salons?

Do You Know Everything About Room Salons

Room salons are recognized by many names, such as Jeom-O, club room salons, tenpro, etc., and they are available in large numbers in Seoul. The room salons are similar to a karaoke single bar, but there is a twist as they look more like conference facilities. These salons have 2-3 massive meeting rooms that can accommodate 12-16 people. Again, you will also find 5-10 medium-sized rooms that can accommodate 6-10 people, and there are also 1-2 smaller rooms that are ideal for 2-4 people.

All the meeting rooms of room salons have couches, and they run along the room’s walls. There is also a big table right in the middle, and here, you will find alcohol and food to be laid out. Unlike karaoke bars that have machines, Gangnam room salon (강남룸싸롱 ) has one-band bands, and it brings a big computer as well as a speaker set. When men are invited to become team players, they can experience the true fun of being at a room salon.

Some kinds of room salons

If you visit Gangnam, you will come across various kinds of room salons and some of them are mentioned below:


This is the name that is given to a bar where only the leading tenpros can enter. Here, managers seem handsome, and they are also highly educated. Hence, people can converse with them easily. Tenpro does possess a rotation table, too and in ten to fifteen increments, some five to eight managers turn their turns to serve the guests who reach there.

Jjeom Oh 

Jjeom Oh is also the name of a bar. It has got this name due to a leading ten-off place. In Jjeom Oh, patrons come, and here, managers work with a similar look and quality as tencafes and tenpros. Again, the system of Jjeom Oh, too, has similarities to tencafes and tenpros.


Though tencafe shares many aspects with tenpro, a tencafe tends to be lower in cost compared to tenpro.

Some aspects of a customary room salon

Commonly, when people mention room ssalongs, they signify a room where they can talk about genuine room ssalongs. These places operate a bar beside a tourist hotel. But today, people find several tourist hotels present in Gangnam. Hence, it has turned into a bar that operates with the permission of a hotel.

What is a public room?

A public room is a common bar room salon that is hugely popular and inexpensive, too. Commonly, it happened to be a bar earlier, but with time, a public room has become a hyperbolic and a table-only place. And it has a nice appearance.

Shirt room

In comparison to different other room salons, the shirt room has a free touch system and skinship.


In karaoke, as people come across a low water level, they enjoy drinking. Karaoke is also a place where countless people, regardless of their gender, come. This is also acknowledged as a place where people find DJ events and party rooms. And here, a female guest might call a male host.

If you visit South Korea, you must surely visit a Gangnam room salon (강남룸싸롱 ) as it serves as one of the important places where Koreans relieve their stress levels after they undergo a tough day at work.


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