Choosing the Right Fragrance: Tips from A Nose

When it comes to choosing the best perfume fragrance for ourselves, we are always left in the middle of indecision. Even though we love to smell nice, we are always confused about which fragrance we should go for to give that wonderful smell from afar.

In this article, we have spoken with a professional perfumer, from Boutique Henriette L. who shared with us some tips for choosing the best fragrance. The answers of a pro to the questions we all asked ourselves one day.

#1: Do you have any advice to give us to choose the perfume? 
The only advice I can give you is to take your time. Feel free to try several to be sure to make the right choice. I also advise you to test it on the arm in order to follow its evolution throughout the day. A fragrance must surprise you and evolve in a way that suits you.

#2: How to explain that a perfume does not have the same result from one person to another? 
Each skin does not react in the same way, there must be an alchemy between the perfume and the person who wears it.

#3: A perfume that we do not feel on ourselves is it, as the legend, a perfume that suits us? 
Not necessarily. If we like her perfume then she can only go. When you wear a perfume for years, for example, there is a phenomenon of addiction that makes you feel no more. This can be very disturbing for people who are around elsewhere. This addiction, also called “phenomenon of blindness”, is valid for everything. We adapt to the olfactory atmosphere in which we are. This is the zero level of the olfaction.

#4: Is it advisable to have only one perfume? 
In my opinion, there is no rule. If you are happy with your forty fragrances then I encourage you to keep them. Other people have the same for years and cannot imagine changing. It’s something very personal. I find it quite interesting to be able to vary the perfumes according to the contexts, it requires to make the right choice at the right moment. I like this idea. Some people even make combinations, it’s a delicate exercise but why not!

#5: Can one determine, according to the character of a person, which perfume would suit her well? 
Yes, I think that we wear a perfume as we wear a garment: we will pay attention to our morphology, to our personality, we will look if it suits us. Apart from the purely practical aspect, a garment that goes to one person, may not go to another. It is the same for perfumes. A “femme fatale” will instinctively go over to a wake scent, with powerful notes. After, the choice can be strategic, a shy person can try to express herself by putting a perfume with a marked olfactory aura.


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