Month: May 2021


How to make your girlfriend smile

As easy as it is to make your girlfriend smile, some men still struggle with this. For some girls an “I love you” is enough to make her smile. For another, saying I love you to her can be an epic fail. You need to figure out what your girlfriend likes if you want to […]

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Tips For Women Who Decide To Spend A Few Days On Vacation Sailing On A Sailboat

As a women, there important things that you should avoid taking when sailing for you to have a wonderful time free of any harm. Here are tips to guide you: 1. Avoid Carrying Appliances Such As Hair Dryers Or Irons. When preparing our luggage, we must bear in mind that few boats allow us to […]

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Bodysuits for Every Season and Personal Style

It is hard to believe that we have spent almost 4 months of 2021 and the Covid-19 is still there. There were rumors that this deadly infection will wipe out at the end of year 2020 and there will be a free living culture in the world again. Feeling sad to say, but it is […]

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