What makes the pearl as a perfect wedding jewelry?

A perfect wedding is what every girl typically dreams of and to see yourself in the dazzling bridal gown carrying the bouquet of flowers, walking in the long red aisle while every important person in your life witness how you unfold your fidelity and love to your future husband. Your wedding is the one of the most memorable events in your life and it is a once in life time celebration that unite the two hearts while it looks like your dream of a perfect wedding just the few steps away where it requires months of the detailed preparation. It not only about the perfect venue for wedding but also your shoes, your gown, your wedding jewelry are also consider in preparing for your marriage in which choosing the right wedding jewelry will make you stand unique and beautiful throughout the function.

There are wide ranges of jewelry collections are available for the wedding where the pearl is considered as the perfect wedding jewelry because the pearls are often thought as symbol of purity, dignity and love for many brides around the world. Most of the families follow the tradition of handover their valuable pearls to their daughters and granddaughters on their wedding day. The beautiful pearls come in a selection of designs and color that would perfectly match for any wedding dress and the pearl jewelry set includes fixed rings, hairpins, bracelet, earrings, necklaces, tiaras and many more things and these pearl set are made up of pure pearl or mixed with other gems stones.

Where from the pearls come and why they are great on the wedding day

Otomo Pearls are produced by the mollusks that includes the clams, mussels and oysters however the clams and mussels are rarely produced while the oyster are produced commonly no matter if they are in saltwater or freshwater. The idea of the pearls are produced from the sand intruding into the shell of an oyster is false because sand is an inorganic material while the gems are formed by the organic materials that are caught inside the oyster shell. As a defense mechanism the oyster wraps out the organic material with the substance called nacre which is called as mother of pearl. Unlike the common belief the pearls are usually white in color and in which the various color pearls like green, blue, red and black are found all over the world but the black pearls are found only in the south pacific.

How to select a pearl necklace for your marriage

The natural beauty of the strand pearls has a power to mesmerizethe brides for many decades and people consider that wearing pearls on their marriage day will get the blessing from god. Pearls are the traditional wedding jewelry and it selected by most of the people and following are the some of the tips for choosing a pearl jewelry for your wedding. They are.

  • There are four kinds of pearls are available and they are southsea pearls, Tahitian pearls, Freshwater pearls and Akoya pearls in which the Southsea and Tahitian pearls are grown in oceans and they are more valuable than the freshwater pearls for their high luster and rarity.
  • The Akoya pearls are the most popular one where these pearls are valued for their mirror like finishing, appealing roundness and rich color. As with the other gemstones the value of the pearls are determined by their quality.
  • A pearls quality can be of judged through AAA, A, AA, AA+, and AAA+ pearls have the best quality and they are most valuable one than others. For the pearls with the same size an ‘A’ quality pearl necklace costs only the small fraction of AAA quality pearl necklace.
  • The quality and value of the pearls are based upon the six criteria like size, color, shape, nacre, surface, matching and luster where each one has the different amount of reflections.

Pearls for your wedding day

Pearls have always been admired for their sophistication and beauty where it has become increasingly popular for the young brides to embrace the tradition wearing of the pearls on wedding day. The pearl is the perfect accessory to any bride’s gown in which the white color pearls signify the purity and if you have chosen to wear the pearls for your wedding jewelry then shopping for them now becomes a task. The following are the five important factors that to be considered when shopping the pearls as your wedding jewelry. They are.

  • Shape
  • Luster
  • Surface texture
  • Size
  • Color

These above factors largely contribute to the value of your jewelry where the color of your pearl can be cream, golden, white or pink in which the most expensive pearls of the highest quality tend to be the softer in more radiant and hue. Akoya saltwater pearls are the one of the highest quality pearls and when we refer to the size of your pearl we are generally referring to the size of jewelry.

Pearls of the highest quality are always perfectly available in round shape and they rarely have the surface imperfections while the lower quality pearls are rarely found to be perfect round and often show some surface imperfections such as like pitting. The quality of the pearl can be easily identified by its surface texture when the surface is smooth without any surface abrasions then it are found to be the highest quality pearl.

The four popular types of the pearls are large exotic black Tahitian pearls, classic Akoya pearls, decorative freshwater pearls and large golden or white south sea pearls. The low quality pearls tend to have the flaws at their surface and if you are on budget but drying to have the pearls draped around your neck for the special occasion then select the decorative freshwater pearls in which they are very inexpensive and make you to look gorgeous while you wear wedding gown. Make sure that you buy the pearls in the store where they offer you the certificate along with your pearls if possible get the warranty for your pearls.

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