Tips For Women Who Decide To Spend A Few Days On Vacation Sailing On A Sailboat

As a women, there important things that you should avoid taking when sailing for you to have a wonderful time free of any harm. Here are tips to guide you:

1. Avoid Carrying Appliances Such As Hair Dryers Or Irons.

When preparing our luggage, we must bear in mind that few boats allow us to use devices that operate at more than 220 V when sailing. All boats have a 12 V cigarette lighter plug (it is the same as that of a car cigarette lighter), and with small adapters that we can find in any bazaar, we can charge low-voltage devices such as mobile phones tablets.

Suppose you are one of those who cannot live without your computer, for work reasons, to check your email, to download the videos and photos of your vacations, or simply because you are addicted to social networks. In that case, some of our sailboats have a small inverter (they are devices that convert the energy stored in the batteries of our boat into electrical current) and that you can use to charge your laptop.

There is no better dryer than the wind itself that we are going to have sailed. Since the sun and seawater dry our hair a lot, we can wear moisturizing masks for several hours, which is a fantastic solution since we will give our hair a wet appearance during all that time and nourishing it with these types of products.

You can take advantage of until the last ray of sun and heat of the day (in Ibiza and summer, it usually lasts until 9:00 pm) to rinse off and show off a perfect mane if you go down to dinner or have a drink at night. Quick-drying towels are also fantastic; they are quite inexpensive and usually have a buttonhole with a button to fix them to our head.

2. Plastic Bags For The Toilet

In the bathrooms of the boats, it is very easy to clog the toilets since their size is much smaller than those we have at home. Do not throw away paper, cotton, or personal hygiene items and use small plastic bags for this. You will avoid bad smells and the cost of the repair that is very expensive due to the unpleasantness of the matter.

3. Hygienic Wipes And Bath Towels. Water Is A Limited Resource.

As you well know, like electricity, water in ships is also a limited resource. Hygienic wipes and make-up removers are the queens of bathroom jams. Well, you already know that you will not flush them down the toilet but, they are one of our Must-haves or Essentials that cannot be missing on board! Depending on the sailboat we choose, we will have between 400 and 900 liters of water. It seems like a lot! But unless we decide to stop at a port to fill up, if we go a lot on the sailboat, it will be used up right away. Take it into account so as not to waste.

4. Protective Creams

We cannot forget an excellent protective cream with a high factor to protect our skin; we will be able to avoid serious injuries. When we sail, we are constantly subjected to radiation from the sun; in addition, the wind and saltwater will produce a lot of dryness on our skin. Take with you a good moisturizer and sun protection.

5. Sunglasses

It is essential to use them even if the day is not too sunny. Just as the sun’s rays strongly affect our skin, they also affect our eyes. Use sunglasses of more or less recognized brands, polarized and anti-reflective (There are very nautical glasses that even float and are resistant to shocks, this is a detail for the most demanding). To prevent them from falling into the sea, we can buy in any nautical store rubber bands that go to the sideburns and are tied behind the neck.


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