The enigmatic gemstone- Moissanite rings

It might be a general query which stone is earth paying so much money? Is it a diamond? In this context, there peeps in another incredibly beautiful stone, called moissanite. Moissanite rings are crazily in demand, and it is growing even higher over time. The best part is, moissanite is now lab-made. Thus, the prohibition that was implemented over its use due to the rarity can no more stop people from enjoying this beautiful piece of art. Moissanite jewelry is a perfect blend of science and art, resulting in a creative artwork that you can never get over with. Be it your engagement or wedding, or any other memorable event of life; you can pep it up a little more with this beautiful creation of nature. Moissanite engagement rings are now into fashion and are eventually taking over the industries with big leaps. But the question arises that why these moissanite are rings attaining such global prominence and appreciation? What is so special about these rings?

Let’s discover the enigma of moissanite.           

Before diving into the alluring features of this gemstone, it is essential to know about its origin. So, moissanite was first discovered by Henri Moisan in the year 1893, in the lands of Arizona. Initially, he had mistaken it to be diamond, but with later research and analysis, he concluded that these were pure crystals of Silicon carbide, something much different from a diamond. Natural moissanites are insanely in demand due to its rarity. However, lab-made moissanites are no less scintillating than naturally occurring ones. Moissanites are well-engineered in laboratories to provide a similar luster and shine like diamonds. In bare eyes, it is nearly impossible to distinguish between a diamond and moissanite. However, experienced eyes can surely figure out the loopholes. The durability, brilliance, texture, color, and price of diamonds and moissanite are all very different. Another enticing factor of moissanite rings is that they hardly need any mining or refining due to highly controlled production. They are born shiny and ready to be carved out into beautiful shapes and sizes. The carbon footprint percentage is nearly zero in moissanite and thus is environmentally safer than other carbon derivatives. Therefore if you are looking forward to moissanite engagement rings, it can be an excellent choice for your special days.

Price– Many times, many of us refrain from getting hold of a pure diamond due to its high cost. These budgetary issues bar us from grabbing the best gemstone on the planet. However, when it is moissanite, you need not worry about the price. Where a 1.0-carat diamond can cost nearly up to $10,000, moissanite can come handy in just $449 to $1049. Isn’t this a great deal to deal with? Thus excellence and art can fit in quite well on the same page. Moreover, in the case of diamonds, the price depends a lot on the size, shape, cuts, and types, whereas moissanite counts its cost only on the type and size. Thus you can personalize your wish according to your budget.

Durability– The hardness of any gemstone is measured on the Mohs scale. The more the figures in the Mohs range, the higher the ability of the gem to withstand any scratches on the surface. In this context, diamond is the hardest among all other gemstones available on the planet. It has a perfect score of 10. However, moissanite is also no less potent. It has a perfect score of 9.25, which is quite a high score in terms of durability. Moreover, silicone is quite significant in the Moissanite percentage, and thus it tends to attract the least dirt, grease, and dust. You can now enjoy a piece of dazzling moissanite jewelry without the hassle of cleaning them frequently.

Brilliance– This factor reveals the quality of a gemstone to reflect white light. The higher the brilliance, the shinier it gets. Due to a different facetting pattern, moissanite rings have a distinct dazzle, shine, and luster than that of diamonds. It creates a disco ball-like effect when placed under bright light. Thus, in terms of dazzle, diamond has a potent and robust competitor in the field. Surprisingly, the refractive index of moissanite is 2.65 to 2.69. This figure is quite high compared to a diamond, and the difference is noticeable.

Color– Gemstones are born with its original color and shine. When it comes to the brilliance of moissanite, it is more frequently yellowish to greyish, which is too light to detect in naked eyes. Sometimes there are colorless varieties also found, but they cost a little more. Diamonds, in contrast, are always colorless. But in moissanite, the larger the stone, the brighter the interior color comes out.

Sourcing– Due to its creation in the lab, moissanite rings are a sensible choice that has the least impact on the environment. It also requires no refining and mining. In the case of a diamond, the gemstone needs a little bit of refining, but the impact is not much on the environment. Lab-created diamonds have an ethical origin and are also environmentally responsible.

Moissanite rings have shaped up a different fan base that is quite high in these few years. It is sure to raise a global craze for the incredible features. It is likely going to take over a considerable proportion of the diamond market, if not as a replacement, but an addition.

Choosing the best moissanite rings– Selecting a perfect piece of moissanite can be tricky. While diamonds are scaled on the values of clarity, cut, color, and carat, moissanite count only on the color. The clarity and cut are nearly the same in different qualities of moissanite. Premium quality moissanite engagement rings are now available in various jewelry stores. You can make your special one more special by gifting a genuine piece of art and excellence, carved with a blend of science. If you are considering cutting a little on your budget but still sticking to the elegance, moissanite rings are right at your choice list. They are genuine alternatives to highly-priced diamonds and can serve equally to the great moments of life.

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