Best Statement T-shirts For 2018

In case you are familiar with the latest fashion trends of 2018, you should be aware of how popular statement clothes and accessories are this season. However, not many of us know what models of the kind work best. That’s why the experts of Cattifly are glad to present a short review of the most winning T-shirts you should pay attention to this year.

No 1. Bright abstractions. Right, we are not mistaken. According to the reports of the world-known clothing designers, nothing is better about modern fashion than its ability to add colors and trigger imagination. So the guys from Cattifly offer to stake on classy straight white T-shirts with strikingly bright abstract prints. Such models will emphasize your optimistic attitude to life as well as your self-sufficient character – weak people usually avoid colorful accents in order not to draw too much attention.

No 2. Watercolor inspiration. In case you have nothing against art, try this kind of T-shirts. According to Cattifly, items with watercolor prints promise to stay on the list of the must-have models in your wardrobe for a few more years. They are good for creating romantic outfits with true girlish tricks. Otherwise you can wear such T-shirts with pretty rough non-elastic jeans or wide-leg pants to get more casual sets.

No 3. Just text. The experts of Cattifly recommend to opt for T-shirts with meaningful or cheerful quotes in case you think pictures are too much for your style. Serious text for strict outfits, jokes – for casual occasions. A white T-shirt without anything on it can occur too boring. While a suitable word or a few of them can change the whole image in a totally awesome way.

No 4. Imitation of famous prints. What does it mean? We know how polka-dot and plaid fabrics look. And today fashion offers another cute solution. According to Cattifly you can order a T-shirt with polka-dots or leopard print added specially for you. Moreover, you can combine points 3 and 4 and create an amazing duet of a framed print with a corresponding text there. Doesn’t it sound perfect? No more ordinary patterns and ready images on your clothes.

No 5. You decide what to paint. There are a lot of interesting technologies making sure you can wear unique T-shirts with your own pictures and photos on them. Maximum imagination – and here come clothes which will never be found in anybody else’s wardrobe. The guys from Cattifly admit designing such stuff is easier than you think, especially if you know how to use simple software for processing images. So take it into consideration when you don’t find an appropriate T-shirt next time.

We hope now you are real experts in fashionable T-shirts able to impress your relatives and friends in 2018.

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