A Guide to Choosing the Best Formal Shoes for Men for Different Occasions

One of the most widely appreciated aspects of the fashion industry, and more specifically, the footwear industry, is its versatility. This quality stands as one of the main reasons fashion is such a broad field for anyone to explore. There is no universal one-for-all pair of shoes, but at the same time, you can use one single pair of shoes on countless occasions; it just comes down to how you style them. This is also one of the main misconceptions people have about formal shoes for men; it is believed that having a single pair will fit the fashion criteria of all events that lean towards the legal side of things. That, however, is undoubtedly untrue.

Formal Shoes for men have options just as unique and classic as any other footwear category you pick. It takes a real connoisseur to recognize the uses of different formal shoes for men. The difference between each type is subtle yet very obvious so let’s get started on this guide to help you choose the right formal shoes for men:

  • Oxfords: Oxfords and brogues are very similar in design, but you can tell your Oxfords apart from the other formal shoes for men by paying attention to the lace details. Oxfords have closed laces sewn under the shoe vamp, and classic, formal ones are typically made out of leather. You can wear Oxfords for business meetings, presentation days, etc.
  • Derbies: Unlike Oxford shoes, derbies have laces sewn on top of the vamp in an open lacing style. These are often characterized as a type of boot because of the similarity in the quarters. These shoes often work best on semi-formal occasions like a black-tie party.
  • Moccasins: Moccasins are slip ons and often made of soft leather to give them a formal yet relaxed style. The sole and the sides are made of one piece of leather, making them highly comfortable. If you’re looking for the right formal shoes for men you can wear to your workplace every day, moccasins are what you need.
  • Boots: Boots have a distinct style as they are ankle length from the back with some heel attached. In formal boots, the front is usually plain, lacking any laces or buckles. Boots have a very fashionable and elegant look to them, so wear them at semi-casual occasions like business dinners.
  • Monks: While still a pretty formal shoe, monk shoes are unique compared to other formal shoes for men. They do not have any laces for closure. Instead, they are secured by multiple straps and buckles across the shoe. These shoes will go perfectly with tweeds, blazers, etc., on occasions like formal get-togethers.

This guide will help you clearly understand the distinction between different formal shoes for men and make intelligent fashion choices in informal settings. It denotes a level of knowledge and professionalism that will indeed have everyone appreciating your style. Shop for these formal shoes and more at affordable ranges at Mochi Shoes!


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