New York Fashion Week-Part 1

f10 New York Fashion Week Part 1I had gotten the Big News on Thursday evening at approximately 8pm and by 8:15 I had my flight and hotel booked for New York Fashion Week!

Thanks to Bebe Stores my best friend and I were granted entrance to the Kardashian/Bebe Fashion show at New York Fashion Week!

As soon as the excitement began it almost seemed to cease. How could we possibly find something to wear to the fashion mecca that is New York City in such a short amount of time?

What’s more is that I’ve seen people wear anything from jeans and boots to full on ball gowns to some of these fashion shows. How could I possibly make heads or tails out of this seemingly “anything goes” dress code?

I did what any calm, level headed fashionista would do….I sent out a twitter plea to anyone and everyone begging them for their guidance.

Much to my surprise I was greeted with a response from ex-model/real housewife/regular on the fashion scene Kelly Bensimon.

untitled New York Fashion Week Part 1
Ultimately, we chose to don these simple yet chic outfits to our first New York Fashion Week Show Ever!

f2 New York Fashion Week Part 1 f1 New York Fashion Week Part 1
On the morning of the show we prepared to head out and brave the elements, steadfast in their own fashion week mission–which undoubtedly was to dress NYC in coat of white by lunchtime!
f15 New York Fashion Week Part 1
We shuffled our way to the corner of the street, desperately trying to snag a cab. Taxi’s with their lights on whizzed by us as melting snow threatened to dampen our curls. Finally a taxi stopped for us. “THANK YOU!” we exclaimed while sighing breaths of relief. “Now who wouldn’t stop for ladies like you?” he asked. “You’d be surprised,” we both looked at each other and said.
f17 New York Fashion Week Part 1 f16 New York Fashion Week Part 1
I should note that while the Upper West Side and the Upper East Side are only separated by Central Park, they are seemingly a world away. To the Upper West Siders we looked like women of the street variety (if you know what I mean?) welcomed by the whistles of construction workers, beeps of garbage truck horns and a homeless man exclaiming “Legs, Legs the word of the day is Legs.” On the Upper East Side however we blended right in. Our attire was not only acceptable, but it was code.

Finally we had arrived! There it was stage 37! As we entered the building a very fashionable crowd was in the midst of making their exit (and in some instances their getaway) from the previous show and were D-A-S-Hing off to the next. “Who are these adorable fashionistas? How do they get into all of these show? What do they do for a living?” I wondered with jealousy.

We quickly made our way to the check in table and got our tickets, stopping momentarily to pose for a picture by the red carpet!
redcarpet New York Fashion Week Part 1

Just then the doors opened to unveil this scene inside:
p19 New York Fashion Week Part 1
I froze.
Instantly my body was covered in goosebumps, my heart began to race and I had long since forgotten that I couldn’t feel my feet in my stilettos!
The flawless, vast white runway laid sprawled out in front of me with lights shining down from above illuminating its very existence.
THIS moment was one I had been dreaming about for as long as I can remember…….
Stay Tuned for Part 2 (of 2) tomorrow: which includes our first Kim Kardashian sighting, media frenzy over J-WOW, the Real Housewives of New Jersey, and Adrienne Bailon! –It’s going to be Juicy!
pixel New York Fashion Week Part 1
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